Hi. My name is Tim Sheiner. I am a design leader.

I am a thoughtful, hands on product designer who can conceive, architect, and grow a product as well as recruit, mentor and develop a team.

My passion is operationalizing design. I help organizations ship great and cost-effective user experiences by championing design standards, platform infrastructure, and the application of simple, effective design practices.

I succeed as a leader because trust is my highest priority. I do what I say I will do; I listen carefully to all project stakeholders and I am fearless about asking questions until we are all on the same page. I always have a plan for the way forward, but also a keen sense for when the best outcome will come from clearing space and stepping back so others can lead.

As a strategist I excel because I use system thinking to see around corners and identify the most effective leverage points for change. I deliver innovation efficiently by focussing my team’s creative energy on what actually needs to be innovated and using standards and pre-existing solutions for everything else.

My personal design process combines user research, systems thinking and iterative prototyping to develop straightforward solutions to user needs. I’ve refined my approach across the verticals of e-commerce, financial services, pharmaceuticals, and cloud infrastructure.

I am currently passionate about finding an opportunity to contribute to platform development for a purpose-driven organization.

"Tim has a special skill for taking apart a complex problem and putting it back together better than anyone I have known. When they are reassembled, even the most complex ideas will flow with new, compelling logic and clarity."

Mark Hovde, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Pharsight Corporation

Streaming Analytics Platform

  • Director of Design
  • Creative Director
  • UX Designer

I was the initial design hire at a Big Data start up where I built a design studio of 5 that executed all design work for product, data visualization, brand and marketing.

I provided the founders with UX strategy, recruited and mentored my team as well as contributed to programming language syntax, did user research, designed application interfaces and built code and click-through prototypes.

I've posted on Medium a detailed description of my very successful approach to running Jut's high throughput design studio.

I oversaw the design of a simple, elegant website.

I designed a straight forward experience for adding data to the system.

I was creative director for the product design system including data visualizations.

I initiated and designed an unfinished effort to create a point and click analysis interface.

I contributed syntax to Juttle, the programming language Jut developed. I wrote a post on Medium about this experience.

"Tim is a very talented designer and big picture system thinker who can tackle complex problems and map them to elegant user experiences and designs. Working with Tim, I learned a ton about how to integrate top notch design thinking into product development and I would be very pleased to have the chance to work with him again."

Michael Demmer, Vice President, Engineering at Jut

"Reporting to Tim was the rare opportunity to report to a mentor. Tim taught me what it takes for design to have a strategic role in an organization and how to think about design problems systematically. Tim also has an inspirational appetite for understanding the technical underpinnings of a problem and he showed me what it takes to ship great design. With the addition of being an incredibly empathetic person, Tim is a leader that any design team would be lucky to have."

Sajid Reshamwala, Lead Product Designer at Jut

Internet of Things Platform

  • UX Strategist
  • Design Manager
  • UX Designer

I contracted with GE's Predix project to develop a process for integrating UX and Agile. The plan was that I would pilot this first with a specific scrum team and then work on exporting the approach to other teams within the organization.

I exceeded expectations at this assignment by focusing first on gaining the trust of the software manager and developers on the team through my understanding of the technical details of software development. From this position of credibility I was able to inject a long term vision and structured, repeatable user-centered methods into all stages of their Agile cycle. I consolidated the value I had introduced by mentoring a young designer on the team to be able to drive the vision and the Agile/UX integration process I had developed. Other scrum teams observed the positive outcomes of the pilot and began requesting dedicated UX support.

"Tim is an excellent designer, strategist, communicator and change agent. He consistently suggested ideas to me a month or more before I began to hear those same things from other people."

Dan Harrelson, Design Director for Energy Management & Design Technology, GE

Complex Enterprise Application

  • UX Strategist

I collaborated with a great team at Hot Studio to work on the redesign of Akamai's self-service portal. I contributed to the user research, UX strategy and design that led to a much easier to understand navigational model for the experience.

"I hired Tim to help us with a project to redesign a complex enterprise web application. He connected immediately with our internal team and also developed a strong positive rapport with our client."

Danielle Malik, Executive Director, User Experience, Hot Studio

Business Intelligence Platform

  • Design Director
  • UX Strategist
  • UX Designer
  • Front End Developer

I dramatically improved the Jaspersoft user experience by adding search functionality and by introducing an engaging and consistent visual design.

I also led the project to modernize the application front end framework, with a modular and standards-compliant design system I created and implemented before Bootstrap popularized the concept.

I championed and designed the faceted search functionality for Jasperserver.

I developed consistent visual and layout standards for all the Jasperserver interfaces.

I architected and wrote the markup and css for a modular, theme-able front end framework.

Semantic Markup

Object-Oriented CSS

"Tim transformed Jaspersoft. He took a product weakness and turned it into a competitive advantage."

Mary M. Flynn, Worldwide Sales Engineering, Jaspersoft

"Tim was the UX architect for JasperSoft's pioneering UI framework and his innovative generic HTML container served as a centerpiece for the project."

Angus Croll, Architect, Jaspersoft

e-Commerce Platform

  • UX Designer

I worked for the Apple Online Store on search and community features.

Cognitive Assessment Platform

  • UX Designer
  • Prototyper

I worked with a team of designers on a tablet version of a previously print-only cognitive assessment system. I introduced HTML5 prototyping to our process to improve the efficiency of our communication with both our client and our development partner.

Undergraduate Interaction Design Program

I was part of the founding faculty for the undergraduate Interaction Design Program at California College of Art. I developed the curriculum for the class that introduced sophomore students to System Thinking and then taught it for 3 years.

Here is a video about a class project I organized with Adobe.

Financial Services

  • Design Manager

At Schwab I managed designers and was also responsible for encouraging innovation.

One of my initiatives improved internal strategy discussions by introducing a simple, visual model of Schwab's retail business that was easily sketched on a whiteboard during meetings.

The model, reproducible by anyone, created a shared discussion context in meetings

One variation was used to envision new business lines

Another variation helped to plan different service levels

Public Interest Process

  • Community Leader

I co-founded a neighborhood group that developed a collaboration between neighbors, the city and a private foundation to renovate a long-neglected park. The approach we invented of a community-owned design and a public-private funding model has since become the standard approach for park redevelopment in San Francisco.

Our first tiny grant paid for a party in the park to bring the community together around our needs. Signatures gathered at the party established credibility with a private foundation who gave us enough money to sponsor a design competition for the park.

The excitement of the competition and the neighborhood meetings surrounding it resulted in a great design, and convinced both our private sponsors and the city that investing in our park would produce success for everyone.

"The Friends of Walter Haas Playground were extremely successful in raising private funds, and hired a Landscape Architect consultant, Studio Green, to assist the Department in preparing both preliminary park drawings and construction documents."

San Francisco Public Works Website

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